Money Matters is an accounting company that has approximately 30 employees at different levels (i.e., manages, accountants, receptionists, trainees, etc.). Imagine that you are an event promoter and you are coordinating a Fun Run to raise money for charity.

It is your job to communicate the event to the employees and to motivate them to participate using the principles of psychology.

Write a short proposal that describes how you would communicate this event to the whole organisation and how you would motivate the employees to get maximum number of employees participating.

Make your submission as easy to read and digest as possible (eg break it up with subheadings, make it flow in a logical manner, etc). See marking template.
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As a measure of giving back to the society, the organisation is going to carry out a fun run activity, which will also be a means of mobilisation of funds. The company has always been in the need to raise funds to give back to the society. This currently organised event is a charity run that will involve the staff members from different sections of the company, the total number of the participants from the company shall be 30 in number. The selection of the 30 members who will participate in the fun activity will be done in each department as every department will submit the names of 5 people to take place in the activity. These names will be pinned at the notice board in the administration centre.

The main intentions of carrying out the charity activity in the society are to motivate societal cohesion with the inclusion of volunteers and all the stake holders involved in the event. On the other hand, at the end of the event it will be necessary to evaluate the success of the charity event that had been carried out. The evaluation at the end of the event would be significant in the determination of the cost effectiveness of the event, the attendance of……

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