Transport, Industry and Pollution: Case Study on Dubai


Transport, Industry and Pollution: Case Study on Dubai

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  1. Introduction

Transport and industry are the major causes of air pollution in the world. The automobile industry for example is the highest contributor of air pollution in the world. Major cities all over the world are grappling with the effects of automobile and industrial pollution on the environment and are developing ways through which this situation can be brought under control. As an issue under study, cities around the world are increasing pollution levels despite the danger they pose to peoples’ health and the environment. The reason for this rise in pollution is due to a rise in the world’s population and a subsequent increase in industrial activity and automobile purchases.

  1. Background information

Dubai city is the capital of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai’s air pollution is at it highest especially because of exhaust fumes from automobiles. An evaluation of the pollution levels in the city revealed that exhaust emissions by cars are five times higher than other areas in the world. This phenomenon has been occasioned by the fact that fuel costs in the country are very low as compared to other regions in the world (Corder). Low fuel costs make it possible for people to buy more cars and this in effect increases the number of vehicles on the road and subsequent air pollution levels……

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