The quality of a business-how well is it designed


Evaluate the quality of a business-how well is it designed?
Evaluate the business the business model, consider more than just the financial side. Evaluate the business form a designer’s perspective (include elements of business evaluation such as, swot analysis, market analysis, etc). Consider the following framework for attributes to address in your evaluation: Desirability (human), Viability (business) and Feasibility (technical) –> innovation.

What are the conventional or unconventional sources of money (Jane Jacobs)? what type of revenue model do they use-unit sales, advertising, transaction, franchises, utility, subscription, transaction, professional or licensing fees? Does it have a “total” design- of its products, advertisement, people and buildings (Foster and Watson)? What is the history of the business, the market context, or use of their products/ services?

Assignment requirements: 1. description of what the business does 2. description of its design, use images or diagrams if appropriate 3) evaluation of the quality of its business design.

Ready Paper Excerpt

The Apple Company is one of the most successful and innovative technology company that emerged in the past decades. Apple, Inc has a superb reputation for bringing to market various products such as Macintosh desktop and portable computer, iTunes and iPod, and the most recent product the iPhone. The success of the Apple Company can be traced to the management of Steve Jobs who was the founder and the CEO. His philosophy was to create efficient products that utilize innovative technology. Nevertheless, the company has faced challenges due to competitive market landscape. This paper evaluates the business model and revenue model of the Apple Company.

The Apple Company was incorporated in 1976, with an aim of selling and distributing computers (Kenney 2007, 114). However, the company has expanded in sales, revenues, and products. Currently, the company distribute different products such as iPod, iPhone, and portable computers just to name a few.  Since 2001, Steven Job transformed the company into a brand that distributes best personal computing devices and portable mobile to consumers, educators, businesses, government agencies, and students through innovative software and hardware, internet offerings, and peripherals….

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