The politics of demolition in the postsocialist Chinese cities


Identify the politics of demolition in the postsocialist Chinese cities, and address the issue of land speculation in the process of urbanization.

Is demolition a necessary step for urbanization and achieving modernity in China?

If demolition of urban spaces and building postmodern skyscrapers are symbolically linked to forgetting the socialist past and catching up with the West, would you agree with scholars like Lin Chun on the relevance of socialism in the postsocialist era?
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Chinese Middle Class and Cities

Chinese middle class communities are significant and healthy to the Chinese economy and also to the global economy. It has been noted that consumption is largely propelled by the middle class communities. China is growing at the fastest rate in the world. Findings indicate that Chinese consumers have been directly related with the current transformation of the products and the services. It has come to a time that each and every multinational company is eyeing at the Chinese market, basing on the consumerism effect of the middle class societies, china has privileged bureaucrats (“Rethinking the Chinese Model” 254). The Chinese economy is mainly dependent on investments and exports; in the recent decades, the same economy has been classified under the consumerism economy.

Chinese economy is the third in the world and the most populous nation in the world. China is currently experiencing rapid development and urbanization as noted in most nations in line with the twenty first century. Findings show that China has attained exemplary social and economic progress, a model that eliminated poverty in China, and placed China at the international stage according to the economic status.

Demolition Policies in Post Socialist Cities

The economic transformation has encountered demolition of the post socialist cities in preference of modern houses due to rapid urbanization and modernization in the face of historical communism (Chun 28). The issue of land is at the national limelight, as postmodern skyscrapers are raising high into the sky in each and every day. The socialist past is fading away with time as China gets westernized. Socialism is the aspect in which social ownership defines…..

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