The Game Boy


complete design critique, observation, evaluation and analysis. Complete an argument as to its merits. How does it exemplify great design? Why should others appreciate its design? Does it model good design principles for a specific domain, or all types of design?
What is the history of the design? How has it evolved over time?
� What is the design context?
� Who is the designer? Is their individual personality evident in their work?
� How is it used? What are the user behaviors? Can people use it differently? What is the  experience of use?
� What is the business model? How does it make money and does that affect the design? What are the design principles that exemplify its value?

Use at least 2 of the following observation methods:
Mapping � Photography
� AEIOU framework � Thick description
� Insider�s tour � Service blueprint
� Interface wireframe � Product landscape

Include: 1) a description of the design (incorporate the history and context); 2) your observation
of the design in use (using one of the observation methods); 3) your evaluation of the design and; 4) summary
of design success and principles.
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The Game Boy

            The Game Boy is also known by the name Nintendo, which is a video game in hand held device, incorporating an eight bit. The Game Boy was manufactured and developed by Nintendo with the first copy in the public limelight being in April 21st 1989 in Japan. The same copy was released in American market in July 1989 and in 1990 in the European market. The initial release identified with the Game Boy line, which was part of the Game and Watch series. Nintendo Entertainment System has been credited with a number of popular games in the world market. There has been constant revision on the Game Boy series, which is meant to meet the exact needs of the ever changing market[1].

This paper has applied business process mapping and AEIOU framework. Business process mapping was involved in defining The Game Boy and the responsible attributes used in the business process. Business process mapping has been useful in the model in defining success of the business. Mapping is more like a diagram, in which the business model is looked at from the perspective of improving the game. In the business process mapping of the Game Boy, the model critically looked at a specific objective, as aligned to the company’s capabilities and values[2].  Business process mapping is more of improving the processes of The Game Boy. People barriers are the trickiest obstacles to deal with…..

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