Ted Levitt’s Concept about Globalization of Markets


What is the main argument in Ted Levitt’s (1983) article?

Do you think Ted Levitt’s predictions about the globalisation of markets written in 1983 have come true today?
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Ted Levitt’s Concept about Globalization of Markets

The increased pressures brought by recent advances in technology have created a continued growth in marketing. Businesses are embracing creative ideas, goods, and services that provide noteworthy competitive advantage in the globalization world. In his article entitled, The Globalization of Markets 1983 Theodore Levitt emphasized that marketing success was intimately associated with creative imaginations and thoughts. The main argument in Ted Levitt’s article is that, when companies’ embraces innovation and creativity they are more likely to bring an increased attention and pressure in their marketing function.  Further, Jones & Wadhwani (2007, p. 1) support this article’s concept that companies should learn to operate effectively in the globalization world. Levitt’s article affirms that, technology has created an urgent need for businesses to expound their marketing strategies to succeed in the global competition as discussed by Titus (2007, p. 262).

To capture readers’ attention, the author claims that the most effective companies incorporate superior reliability and quality into their business structures…….

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