Strategic Management and Leadership – Research in Motion


Research in Motion must undergo revolutionary change if it is to become successful again.

Discuss this proposition using appropriate theories. What does the RIM leadership need to do to ensure the change process is successful?

Explain relevant theory, citing a range of academic sources. Apply the theory to RIM and use it to present arguments for and against the proposition. Remember that the proposition may be true, partially true or wrong! Use theories of change management to answer the last part of the question.

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Change Management Theory and RIM leadership


The stepping down of Research in Motion’s co-CEO’s Mike Lazardis and Jim Balsillie has brought to the fore concerns that the company which has for long been seen as one of the most successful technology firms might be disintegrating. This is largely because the two turned the fortunes of the company and managed to turn it into a formidable presence in the mobile communication sector largely redefining the smart phone. However, in recent times, it seems the company is faced with deep set challenges characterized by dysfunction which has seen investors and the general public unconcerned about the billions in revenue that the company is bringing in. Moreover, the company’s recent innovations have been net with little excitement in the market which has forced the company to make a massive amount of lay offs (Castaldo, 2012). This paper therefore critically examines the notion that Research in Motion needs to undergo revolutionary change if it is to become successful again looking into theories that the RIM leadership can use to ensure that the change process is successful.

It has been seen that the management of Research in Motion largely ignored the onset of competition in the smart phone market (Weidman, 2002). This was largely attributed to the fact that for years the company’s products were….

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