Sony Mobile Communications Strategic Plan


For Sony Mobile Communications, explain how successful you think it is and discuss the strategic reasons behind that success (or why the company is not very successful).

Go on to suggest strategies and/or actions for ensuring success in the future.
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Sony Mobile Communications

Executive Summary

Sony Mobile Communications is one of the largest providers of electronics products in the world. It provides multimedia services such as phones, PC cards, and other accessories. The products have innovative applications that attract clients across the globe. Still, the products are combined with powerful technology applications for mobile music, imaging, entertainment, and communications. As a result, this creates an enticing brand, which creates business opportunities for mobile operators. The products are also desirable and fun for the market operators. Sony Mobile Communication target segment of corporate users, healthcare providers, entrepreneurs, professional people, and students. Currently, the market has expanded as many people embrace the emerging technologies. Most consumers want video, PDA features, and internet and this converts many from first time buyers to frequent and potential consumers. In future, the market will rapidly increase since technology has become an important tool in most daily activities such as communication and entertainment among others.


Sony Mobile Communication formerly known as the Sony Ericsson Mobile Communication is a multinational mobile provider. It is a UK based Company that is principally engaged in manufacturing, designing, and developing mobile phone devices for its clients across the globe. According to Kodama (2008), the company is owned equally by Sony and Ericsson. The Company manufactures different products such as mobile phones, entertainment accessories, and PC cards. The company operates across different regions such as Asia Pacific, China, Europe, and America. The history of the Sony Mobile Communications dates back in the early 90s when Ericsson established the need to have a mobile brand that would transform the world with its features and services. During that period, Ericsson was in the mobile market for decades and was ranked as the third largest mobile providers in the world. However the company was struggling to meet its potential clients who by then did not understand the importance of….

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