Sex and Gender


This is an Observational Research Project, where I need to go to a specific location to analyze “How is gender and power reflected in this social setting?”.

You can choose any location you want like bars, restaurants, sporting events etc

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Sex and Gender in Restaurants


Regardless of the impressive inroads that women have made in the labor market, gender differences have widely been manifested at work place. For the past decades, Australian Restaurants have undergone manifold and rapid transformation in enhancing gender equality. Flower Drum located in Melbourne is a perfect example of a restaurant that has adopted a work structure and programs that address the special needs of men and women. In brief, Flower Drum is a known restaurant that excels in delivering the best standards of Asian and Chinese Cuisine (City of Melbourne 2013, p1). The restaurant has a superb reputation of providing best services that attract many clients from Melbourne. The management has diligently worked hard to reduce social exclusion or management bias on women. However, most men have gained the most increase of power in management positions while most women rank the highest in other duties such as serving the guests…..

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