Report on Food Safety Regulation – Surrie’s Bakery and Pastries


Critically evaluate the impacts of stressors, arising from food, on human health; and critically evaluate the compliance strategies to control, mitigate or eliminate those impacts.

Read and study the following case study and then address the task:

Prepare a written report of no more than 2,100 words, clearly explaining:
A. The food safety stressors present, and their potential health effects.
B. For each stressor identified specify the appropriate regulatory contravention and critically review possible intervention options available to a food authority to mitigate or control the stressor you have identified.
C. Make reference to the appropriate controls to be implemented by the food business.

In addition included a summary of the implications (if any) of a large increase in production, in particular any additional legislative requirements that may be applicable.

Case Study

You are a self-employed food safety enforcement officer temporarily employed by a food authority to carry out programmed food safety inspections.

You have been requested to inspect a local shop Surrie’s Bakery and Pasties, the business is well established on a suburban high street with other retailers nearby, it employs three people full time (this includes the company owner Mrs Surrie) and two part time members of staff producing bread, sandwiches, and meat pasties for retail over – the – counter sales. Mrs Surrie wishes to develop the business further and has successfully negotiated with a national supermarket chain to stock the meat pasties on a sale or return basis starting in a few months.

On 14 January 2013 you carried out an audit of the premises, it is clear that the premises are well designed and many food safety features were considered at the time. However it is now exhibiting signs of wear and tear and some investment is needed……
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To: Surrie’s Bakery and Pastries



Subject: Report on Food Safety Regulation

The financial and social cost of ill-health and human suffering experienced as a result of foodborne diseases are substantial. Thus, this business should practice food safety to eradicate potential health effects. While conducting my evaluation, I established that Surrie’s Bakery and Pastries business is significantly growing. However, I noted some areas that needed improvement. The company should work hard to deter the food stressors as emphasised by the UK government (Manning 2007, p497).

Food Stressors and Their Potential Health Effects

The main food stressors in this business include the following. The business lacks written evidence to show that it observes food hygiene. Indeed, when asked about food hygiene, Mrs Surrie the company owner affirmed that she leaves the job to Mr Legg who was absent by that time. Mrs Surrie should ensure that all staffs are replaced when they are leave or absent. The facts that Mr Legg was on leave during inspection, it clearly showed that staffs were not receiving adequate instructions. Thus, it is important to ensure that all duties are carried out regardless whether the person is on leave or absent.

Although Mrs Surrie understands the need of delegating duties effectively, she should also understand the benefits of having written evidence that reveals that the business has conducted food hygiene activities. Lack of written agreement creates a health concern that the food is not being handled appropriately. As a result, this poses the risk of foodborne diseases to the clients (Manning 2007, p497)…..

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