Religion Project


For this assignment you will be required to watch a movie in class, and then based on your understanding of the religious symbols and ideas used in the storyline, deconstruct it. Good questions to ask yourselves as you watch the film are:

What major world religions, if any, have influenced the storyline?

How do the characters in the movie exemplify religious and/or philosophical principles?

What are some of the religious symbols used? How is myth used, or is it? Are there themes of redemption present?

Are there rituals, or mind/body techniques present in the characters lives (e.g., meditation, yoga, prayer, etc.)?

Does the idea of dualism factor into the story?

Also feel free to use the other two movies from the Matrix Trilogy for the project.
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Introducing Christianity

The Matrix presents some similarities between Neo and Jesus Christ. For instance, the two have resurrected. Moreover, all through the film, reference is made to Neo as “the One”. This means, the “chosen one”. This description is given to Christ as well; the messiah who came to save the human race. On the other hand, although Neo is seen to serve as a messiah, but the kind of messiah he represents is not that of the Christians.

The Christians hold a very strong belief that Christ did not commit any sins and through his death and subsequent resurrection, human beings were delivered from their sins. The human sinful nature is traced back to the myth of the first woman (Eve) on earth when she ate the forbidden fruit. This is believed to be the original source of sin because it was an indication of having disobedience to God. However, the problem of the people in The Matrix is not sin, but ignorance instead. These people need to be delivered from the illusions they have and they do not essentially need salvation…..

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