Promoting Innovation in a team enviroment

  1. Recently, the production levels of your work group or team appear to have decreased. You need, therefore, to increase the quality and quantity of outputs.
  2. Describe in detail, the procedures you could use to solve this problem. Consider the various approaches you could take and the ways in which you can generate the most innovative problem solutions.
  3. Explain the strategies you might use and give reasons for using these methods. Why do you consider that they are the most efficient and effective ways of involving the team in the problem solution? How should you ensure that the team members cooperated and collaborated?
  4. How could you encourage the team to look further than the immediate problems and to consider innovative improvement activities that could be built into future work initiatives?
  5. How would you reward and recognize innovative ideas and contribution from team members and why is it necessary to do this?
  6. Would you give feedback to team members who made suggestion that were not feasible or could not be use? How? Why?


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