Patrick Henry’s speech


You will read Patrick Henry’s “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” and write a response to 1 of the provided prompts
Prompts: 1) Henry�s speech was a call to action. What did he want his fellow Virginians to do? How did he justify his desire? In what ways did Henry address the concerns of those who did not agree with him?
2) Slavery was a common theme in Henry�s speech. What specific imagery did Henry use to illustrate his message? Why would those images have resonated so strongly with his audience?
3) Throughout his speech, Henry referenced a variety of Biblical themes. What are some of the most striking references Henry used? Why would these themes have resonated with his audience?
Research: The body of the paper should be based primarily on your own reading and consideration of the document. You may do some outside reading and research to provide clarity to the document, but any sources you use in your paper must be listed in the assignment Bibliography and properly referenced in the text using footnotes in Turabian format.

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Patrick Henry’s Speech “Give me Liberty or Give me Death”







Patrick Henry’s is most credited for his remarkable oration “Give me Liberty, or Give me Death. The speech was in, essence the resolution that addressed the prospect of slavery and freedom. This quotation came from a famous speech made on March 23, 1775 to the Virginia House of Burgesses [1]. Among those at the meeting were Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and members of the House of Burgesses. During that period, Virginia’s governors were not elected, but appointed by the Great Britain. In deep content, Henry convinced his audience to believe that war was the only solution that would make Americans attain freedom. As discussed in this paper, Henry’s speech was a call to action for his fellow Virginian to respond to various challenges that would emerge in the future. To justify his deep desire, Henry beseeched Virginians to unite and fight the Great Britain who had enslaved them for a long time…….

[1] Henry, Patrick, and Peter Jahns. Give me liberty, or give me death. Sarasota, FL: CoolBeat Audiobooks, 2005.

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