Market Segmentation – Blackberry Smartphones


Market Segmentation – Blackberry Smartphones
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Market Segmentation


This report is developed with an aim for identification of the different market segments for the product: Blackberry Smartphones. The segmentation will provide the entity with the appropriate information in terms of the varied consumer segments and the needs and wants of such consumer market segments. This will provide information in terms of the consumer habits, trends and purchasing habits as well of similar products in the market. Hence, after provision of such information with adequacy the entity will be able to develop or launch products with such target segments in consideration.

Product Overview:

Blackberry is a Canadian firm dealing in the manufacture and sale of smartphones in the mobile phones industry. Its products are renowned for their high quality in terms of performance and execution of complex tasks. Hence, this approach could be used by the organization in terms of entry and enhancing the growth in terms of sales within the respective market segments. The various Blackberry products are distinct in terms of their shape, ability to operate, and systems used in the products, which are only used by blackberry products (Lieu et al., 2009).

The various Blackberry products are individually distinct. However, they all have similar user interfaces and applications. The Blackberry mobile phones allow for instant messaging through the numerous online messaging services such as Yahoo! and MSN. They are also equipped with global positioning systems to allow users to use the mobile phone as a directory and map. This is also used a security measure against mobile phone theft as it allows for the owner to view location of the stolen gadget. These products also allow for……

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