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The paper by Jeniffer Payne focuses on the women who use drugs in North Cumbria and what factors influence their initiation into using heroin in a setting that is not urban. She conducted research in the area and according to her findings which she realized through interview accounts, the women in the area are affected by factors of curiosity and trust which are compounded by complexities in their personal lives. In this paper, Payne’s research will be critiqued in a bid to establish whether there is validity in her findings.

Payne used the judgmental sampling method for the study; the women interviewed were recruited from treatment and social care organisations. The sampling method was effective for her hypothesis as the sample was consistent with the traits that they were looking for. Thirty women in total were identified; their ages were between 17 and 42 and hailed from different backgrounds and circumstances. Most of them had engaged in drug use from an early age and while some had used some different types of drugs, heroine was the most common (Payne, 2007)…..

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