Impact of statoil”s activities on the environment


A critical analysis of the measures which statoil has put in place to show concern of environmental management and sustainability issue relating to their business operation
[in line with areas within statoils sustainability 2011 document, mainly from the climate and environment section] /sustainability/pages/default.aspx:
The report includes the following areas
Impact of statoil”s activities on the environment : the importance of statoil acting in a responsible manners: alternativ energy: acting in accordance with laws”

water management” sustainable shipping strategy :stopping spills {oil spills} :biodiversity ” natural gas

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Executive Summary

            Statoil is a leading player in the conventional oil exploration industry. To meet the challenges of providing cheaper and affordable sources of energy Statoil has put in place measures that help them operate in a sustainable manner. Statoil’s approach ensures less harm to the environment. Using innovative technologies, Statoil aims at being a leader in reducing carbon emissions and providing clean energy to the end users. The company undertakes an environmental analysis before embarking in any exploration activities in a new area. Such analysis is critical for any company that embraces respect for the environment and welfare of the people living in such areas. Moreover, the company’s approach to water management, biodiversity, and shipping strategies shows that Statoil is committed to using the available resources in a sustainable manner. Indeed, the actions and measures used by Statoil are exemplary and should be employed by other firms. However, as the world is shifting towards green sources of energy, Statoil should start focusing on these sources of energy for sustainability. Conventional sources of energy are expensive and contribute significantly to global warming. Future focus should therefore be on alternative sources of energy.


               The economic emancipation of any country is dependent on the availability of reliable and affordable energy. The greatest challenge facing world leaders is the reduction of carbon emissions into the atmosphere. The consequences of such emissions have been made by many agencies such as the IPCC as well as scientists and climatologists[1]. In their assessment, the IPCC projects that warming of about 0.2°C. Even if the concentration of greenhouse gases were……

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