Health Impact of Workplace & Food 7ev 028 & 7ev529 Referral WORKPLACE Assignment


Critically evaluate the impacts of stressors, arising from the workplace on human health; and critically evaluate the compliance strategies to control, mitigate or eliminate those impacts.

Workplace Audit

Premises –a financial services company, ”Debts R Us Ltd“

Located in a medium sized office block, Somewhere House, 25 High Street, Somewhere .

The premised file indicates that the company occupies the upper two floors of the building.  Other files located at that address show that the ground floor is occupied by a property letting agent and a small dental laboratory.

Audit results :

This is the registered office and the company now occupies the whole of the property i.e. the property letting agent and the dental laboratory have moved out.

The company provides financial advice, typically to persons in a low-income bracket and lends money. Repayments are routinely made over the counter on the ground floor of the offices or collected by a number of staff working in the field. The work involves:

  • Administration
  • Account Management
  • Word processing


Male :  9 (the Manager plus 8 field staff)

Females : 42 (2 field staff, 30 full-time and 10 part-time being a mixture of typists, administrators, counter staff and data entry clerks).

Primarily the ground floor comprises a bank or building society counter arrangement, with a waiting area, and two private interview rooms. Office staff work at the counter on a rota basis and extra staff come down from upstairs to interview clients. There are no physical barriers between the counter staff and clients, just the counter.  Counter staff, currently on duty report that the staff normally working at the counter are trained to deal with awkward customers; however some people providing relief cover have not yet been trained.

In the interview rooms there is no facility for communication with the outside i.e. no telephone or panic button.  In these rooms there are just a table and 3 chairs.
Ready Paper Excerpt

To: Debts R US Ltd

Date: May 11, 2013

Subject: Report on the Health Impact of Workplace

In reference to regulations and legislation affecting the workplace in the UK, this report compiled the following workplace stressors affecting the financial service company, Debts R US Ltd.

Workplace Stressors

From the case study, staffs come down from upstairs to interview clients. The potential health effect of this is that, these staffs may create congestions as they come down from upstairs. Such congestions may increase accidents and injuries especially when some staffs are in a hurry to interview clients. There are no physical barriers between the counter staff and client, just the counter. As a result, this problem is distracting employees to carry out their assigned duties effectively in that some clients may act awkwardly when asked to do something. Some may be violent (Girdano, Dusek & Everly 2005, p30).

After a close investigation, this report found that some of the people providing relief cover are not trained to carry out their assigned duties. This creates a major concern in that; some may not be adequately prepared to meet the standards required in providing relief cover. In turn, this may affect the company’s performance in terms of productivity. There are no facilities for communication in the interview rooms. This poses a great risk to the company in that information is not received and sent effectively. This may affect the company’s performance as there is no effective communication channel that facilitates a successful working environment (Bridges 2008, p10).

In the interview rooms there are just a table and 3 chairs. As a result……..


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