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Article Review

The author introduces the subject of gender by giving background information on how modern research on gender was triggered by various women’s movements that advocated for gender equality. The article highlights that gender inequality varies in different parts of the world and that even defining man or woman is at times contested. According to the author, gender issues are applicable to both men and women (Connell, 2009).  The gender reform and gender science are also word wide with more research on gender having been done in Europe and North America. The author associates the success in international research on gender studies to globalization.

The article is about the perspective of gender in the world. It highlights how there are very few women in senior government positions and other leadership positions in the corporate world. In the United States, for example, the author mentions that Hillary Clinton would have become the first woman to be elected as a major party candidate for president in the 200 year history of US. To emphasize how leadership positions are gender biased, the author mentions Russia, France, China, Japan, Nigeria, South Africa, and Egypt as some of the countries that have never had a woman as a head of government (Connell, 2009).  In addition, the author mentions that all the heads of World Bank and the secretary generals of United Nations have been men. The article continues to state that a recent study conducted by Inter-parliamentary Union showed that 82.5 % of all the members of the world’s parliaments were men….

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