Environmental Management – Statoil’s Sustainability Report


You work as a consultant for a hypothetical organisation named Future Energy Consultants, advising on the environmental management and related activities. You have been requested to write a report which provides a critical analysis of Statoil’s sustainability-related activities (e.g. Statoil’s Sustainability 2011), in order to create a proposal helping the company to avoid possible lawsuits and reduce environmental expenditures, while sustaining the company’s PR.

Required Structure

1. Title Page
A relevant specific title that reflects the main point of the report
The name of the business being evaluated (Statoil)
2. Table of Contents
3. Introduction and Background
The case context and the company
What are the problems or opportunities?
What is the purpose of the proposal?
What is the background of the problems or opportunities?
What are your sources of information?
What is the scope of your proposal?
What are the key terms that will be used in the proposal?
4. The Business Case
5. A critical analysis of the measures put in place by Statoil
6. Summary & Conclusion
7. Bibliography

Ready Paper Excerpt

Statoil’s Sustainability Report

Introduction and Background

As Energy Consultants, our purpose is to analyse the existing energy usage and offer a detailed report on how organizations can reduce their energy usage, costs, and carbon footprint. In this case, we seek to promote an environment that is free from pollution. We diligently work hard to help companies to avoid possible lawsuits and reduce environmental expenditures while maintaining sustaining the company progress. Based on the progress made by Statoil on sustainability, I have established the need to write this report to advice on the environmental management and related activities. In brief, this report will highlight key factors on energy conservation, energy saving, and energy reduction solutions.

With the goals put in place by Statoil, there is a need to have strategies that will meet the world growing needs environmentally, socially, and economically. Sustainability does not only entails doing business responsibly rather it is seeing sustainability challenges as great opportunities for business innovation and development (Rosendahl & Hepsø 2013, p77). The company should be committed to enhance safe operation that protects the well being of people, environment, and communities. This is because global prosperity depends on a company’s initiative to protect the environment (Grant 2013, p22). I strongly believe that the company should find solutions to climate, environment, and energy dilemma. Statoil is also in a better position to achieve its goals on sustainability management in that it has the experience, technology, and capital required to develop future solution to energy challenges. With these benefits in mind, the company should aim to lead in carbon efficiency. The company should closely work with different sectors and suppliers involved in the gas and oil industry to find solutions that can reduce emissions.

The case context and the company

The Statoil’s Sustainability 2011 was a good progress for the company to improve on stable and safety operations that regard the well-being of people while protecting the environment. With this initiative in mind, the company should consider sustainability in….

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