Django Unchained (2012) MOVIE REVIEW


1- What really pleased you?
2- What did you like?
3- what did you did not like?
4- Which performers were especially effective/ exciting and why?
5- Which performers you did not like?
6- What was your overall reaction of the movie?

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Django Unchained 2012

Django Unchained is an interesting movie that elaborates the theme of slavery through Django’s experiences and adventures. The interesting part of this movie to me was how Django’s role changed from that of a slave to a bounty hunter. The most pleasing moment was when Django was unchained by Schulz to accompany him on his mission to hunt down the Brittle brothers. The turn of events is interesting because Django was destined to be a slave for life, but gained his freedom even before reaching his master’s destination.

My preferred part from this movie was the manner in which Schulz showed respect for Django, despite being a white man. Other white people despised the blacks and viewed them as slaves, undeserving of human respect. When Schulz was confronted by white people for allowing Django into a hotel, Schulz convincingly saved Django from the angry mob by explaining to people about his government-initiated mission to hunt down criminals (Django Unchained, 2012).

The scene I hated most in the movie involved the killing of…..

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