Attracting Events and Patrons to Your New Facility


This is a business report for sports management subject and the basis of the report is a business report.
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Executive Summary

This report evaluates the various issues, which determine the appeal of a stadium towards the spectators. It also evaluates what such factors’ role in the decision-making of the spectator to attend an event. A stadium could serve as a multi-venue purpose in that it could host various events, which could subsequently accrue revenues to the government and stadium management board. New marketing avenues would provide ample benefits which traverse economical benefits. Such include the presence of employment and improvements in the market of defined market in the area around the stadium.

Attracting Events and Patrons to Your New Facility


This report evaluates and provides succinct and elaborate information that would enable better understanding of sport management of facilities and related activities in the management process. Additionally this report also provides related information about the use of sporting facilities as multifunctional venues. Such facilities could be used for other incoming generating activities such as music concerts, other sporting activities, corporate events, institutional events such as graduations (Hernandez, 2002).

Development and management of any kind of sporting facility is an intricate process. This is because of the presence of numerous factors, which should be put into consideration before the initial development of a particular facility. Such include economic factors, political and social factors. Additionally a sporting facility is considered as a product, which is used to give service to a specific market segment and provide them with satisfaction of the needs, which is essentially entertainment in the sporting facility.

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