Create a case study in the form of a project plan (approximately 3000 words) which plans an innovation in chronic disease prevention or management in an Australian primary health care setting (e.g. in a remote community or metropolitan region) and explore how you anticipate it will improve health outcomes.

Choose from a range of chronic illnesses (or choose your own) such as:

Renal disease;
Type 2 Diabetes
Childhood obesity
Cardiovascular disease (not rheumatic heart disease)
Chronic ear infection
STIs perhaps chlamydia

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The problem of chronic illness is increasing swiftly in Australia. Type-2 diabetes (T2D) has recently presented alarming prevalence in the Australian population that challenges the effort of establishing a healthy Nation. The increased prevalence of the type-2 diabetes within the Australian’s indigenous youths and the disproportionate distribution of the disease prompted the establishment of this project. This is because the scenario creates the need of developing a strategic plan that would inform management of type-2 diabetes within the indigenous young individuals especially the ones living in Australian’s rural areas. This subject is important to the health of the target group and the entire Australians because it will enable healthcare providers and policy makers identify essential areas that the primary health care interventions should emphasize (Sealey, Sinclair, Pollock, & Anne-Marie, 2010 p. 34). This would promote the management of the type-2 diabetes within the target group that would improve the health status in the entire community. The project concentrates in the manifestation of the T2D in young indigenous Australians inhabiting the rural and remote areas.  The study explores theoretical frameworks relevant to the management of T2D in order to establish broad knowledge about the subject. Particularly, the project explores the possibly of applying the concept of self-management in reducing the prevalence of the disease. Furthermore, the project examines the multiple risks factors associated with the management of T2D in the context of the target population and its environment. This is with the intention of designing a customized plan that would foster management of the presented healthcare problem.

Literature Review

It is apparent that management of chronic diseases is a serious health challenge in Australia. Studies account that in Australia, about 65% of the total serious health concerns are attributable to chronic diseases such diabetes, cardiovascular disease, asthma, cancers and renal complications among others (Perrin et al., 2012)……

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